1. The pen, of course, refers to the brush. Brushes are divided into sheep cents, wolf cents, and concurrent cents. Yanghao is a wool pen, which is easy to understand. Wolf hair is a general term, including: weasel hair, rabbit hair, mouse hair, stone badger hair, etc., all of which are relatively hard hair.
There are two kinds of juvenile hair, sheep hair and wolf hair, which are moderately soft and hard. Sheep are soft, wolves are hard.

2. Ink, used to refer to ink sticks, also called ink sticks, which are inseparable from inkstones and are used after grinding ink. Ink is now also included, because it is more convenient and can replace ink sticks and inkstones.

3. Paper is Xuan paper, which is divided into cooked Xuan and raw Xuan. Generally, freehand painting is used for Sheng Xuan, and fine brushwork is used for mature Xuan.

4. Inkstone is the inkstone table, which is used when researching ink.
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